Jan 15, 2010

Day 13, Jan 14, muang ngoi to nong khiaw

A good night's rest, slept 9 hrs. Got up to explore the village. It's accessible only by boat. There are no cars or other motorvehicles. All around are steep limestone cliffs. Very pretty. Still I decided to take the next boat to nong khiaw. Packing my bags I notice I had a flat tire. The first on 3 bike tours. Got that fixed quickly and jumped on the boat 20 min later. And the boat was full with backpackers; so far I had been only among locals with a few traveller here and there. Another great boat trip! Past karst formation, villages precariously perched along the river bank and the river itself, it is a stunning landscape!
Arriving in nong khiaw at first not much seemed to have changed in comparison to 3 years ago. At second glance one notice way more backpackers all over the place. Let's hope it will not become another vang vieng...
Otherwise not much happened today. The fancy place where I stayed last time cost now twice as much. I took a bungalow on the opposite site of the river.
Everybody is suffering (sort of) under the cold spell. It's unusually cold, around 16 degrees. Apparently it's gonna be over by tomorrow.

Km a few, Ave low, tm ?.?.

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