Jan 8, 2010

Day 7, Jan 8, muang sing back to luang namtha

Last night was the warmest so far. Coming into this big flat valley I had the impression of a slight climatic zone change. Crossing the mountain range it became warmer and even the jungle looked more dry.
I thought I would check out the market, which is supposed to be one of the most colorful ones in the golden triangle, before I ride back to namtha. But there was no market at all. But I bumped into a couple, David and mai who live in chiang kong. David told me of interesting areas and also enthused me even more to try the short cut from namtha up north heading to phongsali.
Finally around 9/10 I managed to leave town. It became warm very soon. And I had to ride uphill for 25 km. Stopped at a small jungly ravine and scrambled up the creek for little ways. A few miles up the road, I'm in nam ha NP again, I pull over for a waterfall. After paying 5000kip I ride a narrow trail for maybe a km where the waterfall is. Have a bath and shower. Back on the highway it's soon over the crest and the going gets easier. Between 2 villages there are these 3.4 kids. One boy is bleeding badly from a cut on his thumb. I get the first aid kit out and bandage his finger. Around 2pm I get closer to town and stop at a restaurant sitting on stilts over the water for a delicious laab moo.
Check into namtha river lodge, a beautiful place with great bungalows, polished teakwood floors and all. Later I go into town and do my email, there is wifi! For the iPhone.
Meet David and Mai again, we sit down at the night market and shoot the breeze til late night, 9pm that is.

Km 58. Ave 19. Tm 3.02

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