Jan 8, 2010

Day 2, Jan 3, chiang kong, Thailand to huay xai, Laos

Beautiful view onto and across the Mekong in the morning. Went to bed around 8.30 and slept till 6.30.
Getting everything sorted, fixed and cleaned. Breakfast: kao gai (chicken w/ rice), twice! Then cafe latte (!) prepared w/ 5 sec espresso, never mind, it's not farm table....
Around noon lunch (som tam) at a street stand. On the way to the ferry came across the 'bike museum', huh?? Propietor is Alan bates from England, a professional bicyclist. He will be in sf around June 21 to start his north America leg of the around the world record try to beat the what's his name ass. Interesting character and museum. Then checking out of Thailand, crossing the Mekong and checking into Laos.
Hotel mekhong, 500 bt.
Now sitting in a riverside tavern getting slowly drunk on 99 cent beer Lao....
Dinner at a roadside stand, 10 skewers of something. To bed early, and a bit of tv....

Km 16, ave 13.9, tm 1.10.

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