Jan 8, 2010

Day 6, Jan 7, luang namtha to muang sing

Arrived in muang sing, actually 5km out of town around 2 and check into the stupa mtn lodge. It's situated on a hill slope overlooking the great floodplain on which the town, surrounded by rice paddies, sits.
A phantastic ride it was! A narrow but paved road; not much traffic; and a great scenery! For most part the road leads through the nam ha NP. The jungle goes right to the highway shoulder. I pulled over a few times, also for a jungle stroll. Visited a woodworking factory as well as a sawmill. Helped out a couple with a flat tire. Their airpump didn't work, made in china... Speaking of which, I'm sitting barely 10 km away from the border to Yunnan. A visa would be possible, but it takes 5 days. So not this time. Sitting where? In a bamboo hut restaurant right on the edge of the rice paddies looking across to china's mountains.
On the way back to the guesthouse I came across a moonshining operation. Well, most likely it's legal. Anyway, this man was operating a well making rice whiskey. the bottle at the bamboo outlet was a third full. He offered me a shotglass which he filled from the bamboo nozzle. It was still warm. Tasted not too bad. Of course there was a (not too big) concern to go blind (it didn't happen).
Back at the GH heading over to the restaurant to get a beer I walked by the bungalow they wanted to give me, but i chose the furthest one away. Good luck coz there was a octuple ant freeway l.a. style going maybe 20m and then heading up on the stilt right into this bungalow.

Km 74.2. Ave 17.9. Tm 4.08

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