Jan 18, 2010

Day 15, Jan 16, luang prabang

The guesthouse I stayed at last night was a throwback to past backpacker's days. It wasn't the $0.50 cubicle ála 1980's khao san rd, but the walls where paperthin and the noise level throughout the night high. No thanks, been there, done it...after breakfast at cafe chang i went roomhunting. Surprisingly there are still very good deals right in the center (boutiqueish places go for $40-80 ). So i got a room next to a pagoda on a semiquiet street for just $12! Incl. wifi!

A very, very relaxed town; one actually has to describe it as a sullen place. If one cannot wind down in luang prabang must suffer under a serious nervous condition and is in need of strong medication...
One can sit for hours in one of the many riverside patio bars/ restaurants nursing a beer or two. For now it's a mojito ....

Laos in general, on par with myanmar, is a very quiet place. Just the almost compete absence of traffic takes care of that. Laotians themselves incl. all the different ethnic groups are pretty relaxed, let's say in comparison to Thais who can get easily overenthusiastic.

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