Jan 18, 2010

Day 17, Jan 18, luang prabang

It's kind of difficult to part from this place (despite the high concentration of tourist, especially from france and Germany).
One doesn't have to do anything in particular to enjoy this town. For me, no temple, museums, etc, I'm templed out anyway from previous trips.
But what I did today was working. Well, sort of... I did some cooking, to be more precise I attended a Lao cooking course. First we visited the market where the teacher explained all the different goods, produce, spices, etc. We drove then outside the city to the school's compound. A creek flowing by, lotus ponds, beautiful landscaping, a little shangri-la! We learned about Lao cuisine, the difference to thai cuisine, the habits and customs regarding food, etc. The next 4 hours we spent cooking, half a dozen different dishes, sticky rice and a dessert. The preparation of Lao food (as well as thai food) is in general fairly simple. It almost always comes with sticky rice, lots of leaf greens and with a preference to bitter, salty and spicy.
It was quite fun and totally yummy!
Now sitting at the riverbank with a beerlao in my hand watching the sky burning up....

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