Jan 15, 2010

Day 9, Jan 10, luang namtha to na teuy

Wow, 40 km! ? Well, here is what happened: I made pretty good time to na teuy, which is the turn off to china. I pulled over at the crossroads restaurant for lunch. I enjoyed a good bowl of soup when I saw a bike traveller swinging around, apparently coming from china ( the border crossing is 20km up north). And what a traveller this guy turned out to be! He bicycled all the way from Frankfurt/ Germany through eastern Europe, Russia, kyrgistan, china and now Laos towards Singapore!! What a accomplishment! That is really something! Christian is now in the pantheon of my personal heros....
And what was supposed to be a quick lunchbreak become a beergarden session. Talking, discussing, philosophing, exchanging information, travel tips and just shooting the breeze, and downing a couple of beerlao till late afternoon. What a pleasure and not really in need of an excuse (to break the ride short).
So I decided to stay here overnight, Christian carried on to luang namtha.

Km 39.2. Ave 20.7. Tm 1.53


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  1. It was a great pleasure to meet you! Thanks for the BeerLao-Introduction und ein Prosit der Gemuetlichkeit!